September 20 | 2021

School of Biochar

14-15 OCTOBER 2021

Black to the future will attends to the fifth edition of School of biochar.

School of biochar 2021- Biochar for post-Covid19: New Perspectives in the light of Policies to tackle climate change.
This event is organized by the Italian Biochar Association (ICHAR) thanks to the oral contribution by Dr. Nicolas Greggio (University of Bologna) entitled “Long term agronomical, physiological and environmental implications of biochar use in agricultural soils” scheduled at 15th October.

Detailed program and further info to the following link.

The Italian Biochar ICHAR Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 to promote, in synergy between the world of research and the private sector, solutions, technologies, advanced studies, demonstration activities and educational projects on the application of biochar in agriculture as an innovative strategy to increase global soil fertility and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.